Tuesday, 13 March 2012

4x6 Exchange

4x6 Exchange piece

I've just finished my piece for the 4x6 exchange, run by Brooklyn based Art House Coop (find out more here.) I did several ball point pen drawings of my hands, all overlapping and in different positions and then cut out my favourite bit to the required size (4x6 inches.) I then pleated and insertion stitched some tracing paper over the top and then backed it all with a piece of plain white paper and blanket stitched the whole lot together. I find it quite difficult and a little restrictive to work on such a small scale and I like the way the blanket stitch acts like a barrier, making it feel enclosed and trapped. I also like the layers and how the tracing paper slightly but not totally obscures the drawing. I hope whoever gets my work likes it! I'm really looking forward to seeing what work I get in return, it could be anything from anywhere which is very exciting.

Stitching the tracing paper

The cut up drawing

Tracing paper over the drawing

Blanket stitching the edges

Corner view

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