Sunday, 11 March 2012

Life Drawing #5

Grey pen, quick sketch

We had a new model for this session, Martin Rowe who's blog you can find here. He had some excellent poses and it was good to draw someone different. I think I've been really lucky with the models I've found; they've all been excellent at choosing and holding poses and have always been punctual and reliable and to top it off they're all nice people! I was really tired on Thursday and I struggled (as usual) with the longer poses, I couldn't get into to doing any detailed drawing so I resorted to my favourite pen and continuous line style. I think Martin was quite surprised at the size of my drawings, they do seem to be spreading over increasing numbers of pieces of paper, it makes photographing them quite difficult but it's fun whilst doing the drawing.


Pen, 4 sheets of A2

I've also booked the community centre for the next set of sessions so if you're in the area and fancy giving it a go come along!

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