Saturday, 31 March 2012

Beautiful Buttons!

Lots of buttons

A little while ago I bought some little shaped cutters for fimo (polymer clay) and this week I have been using them to make pretty buttons. I believe that most things can be improved by adding buttons so it made sense to start making some of my own. I'm very pleased with the results and if you like them I've put some up for sale in my folksy shop. Some of them I pressed lace into to see whether I could get a nice texture and whilst they didn't come out quite as I expected I do rather like the result, I can see myself getting a little carried away with button making!


Lace Hearts

Lace Hearts, detail

Swirly Hearts

Swirly Stars


  1. I think I like the lace hearts the most. I'm into button making too, but I've not tried with fimo - yet.

    1. Thanks, I think the lace hearts are my favourite too. What have you been using to make buttons? Good luck with the fimo!