Thursday, 4 July 2013

George Howard Envelope Workshops #2

Mixed media collage

Last week I ran the second of my envelope workshops at William Howard School in Brampton. It was quite a different group to last time but once again they came up with some excellent ideas and made some lovely work. I'm really looking forward to seeing the work up in Tullie House for the George Howard exhibition in a couple of weeks.

Design inspired by Olympic stamp

Collage and pencil envelope

The workshop was inspired by George Howard's imaginative envelope designs that he created when writing to his children. It was interesting that to start of with this group chose to do their own variations on the designs I had done rather than coming up with their own ideas. However, as the day progressed and they became more confident they became more willing to try out different ideas.

Trying out 3D ideas

Experimenting with materials
There was a very large quantity of sequins used in this workshop, one group in particular were very keen on shiny things and it was amazing quite how much glue and quite how many sequins they could get onto one envelope! I like seeing how some of the students really respond to the different materials where as others are much happier with something they know, like colouring pencils. I think workshops like this are a great opportunity for students to try something different and experiment in a relaxed environment without fear of it being 'wrong.'

Imaginative fire design

Landscape Collage

Olympic inspired envelope progressing

Design inspired by 'lion' stamps

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