Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Textile Workshops

Laying out fibres

I am currently running a series of textile workshops organised by Prism Arts for Cumbria Cerebral Palsy. Last week we did some felt making and this week we continued with felt making but looked at making 3D forms using a plastic resist. When we have made our felt we will look at different ways of embellishing it, such as using stitch, beads and maybe some printing.


More rolling

Lots of fluff!

I am really enjoying running these sessions. The guys are keen to learn and have some excellent ideas and are picking up the techniques really well. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished pieces and seeing where the work will lead us.

Finished felt piece from last week

Finished felt piece from last week

Finished felt piece from last week

Finished felt piece from last week

One of the group did not want to do felt making, she wanted to continue developing her embroidery skills that she had learnt from previous workshops. Last week she did a beautiful rose design which I printed up for her and this week she began stitching it. It's good to have people doing different things as it helps spark off new ideas and leads to a more diverse, creative feel to the sessions. For example, the colours this lady had chosen inspired one of the other group members to use a similar colour combination for his 3D felt piece.

Rose design in print and stitch

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