Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Chicken Wallpaper and other new Trends

Chicken wallpaper in yellow

Chicken wallpaper in red

As regular followers will know I am currently doing an interiors project with the No Borders Art Group at Harraby Community centre. Since the last post about their mood boards they have raced ahead and their model rooms are really coming together.

Room with collaged wallpaper

Room with chandelier

Kitchen with collage tiled floor

One of the things that I love about working with people is the different approaches people take to the same task and the highly individual outcomes. Last week I worked with one of the group to create some customised wallpaper for her room. Chickens have been a running theme so I asked her to draw some chickens, I then used her drawings to make stencils and she then used the stencils to print up two sheets of wallpaper. When the prints were dry she worked back into the prints with a fine-liner to add eyes and some bits of pipe cleaner for beaks.

Drawing and colouring chickens

Turning the drawings into stencils

Printing with the stencils

Detail of chicken wallpaper

This week I worked with a different group member to make a free standing mirror. She began by cutting out lots of pictures of mirrors from magazines which we then went through discussing what it was about each one that she liked. From this discussion we came up with a design and colour ideas and started to make the mirror. We  made a cardboard frame which she painted and decorated with gems and beads, I can't wait to see the finished item!

Painted pieces for the mirror

Embellishing the mirror frame

Really embellishing the mirror frame

This mirror will go in the very glamorous room which already features a fabulous chandelier and will also house some totally unique upholstery. Last week the creator of this room pieced together a fabric collage which we are going to use to cover the furniture maquettes we will be making in the next couple of weeks. Watch this space! (Well, not this space, as this will stay pretty much the same but a shiny new post will be added and that will have amazing furniture maquettes in it.)

Arranging selected fabrics on a base

Final arrangement

Stitched arrangement

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