Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Life Drawing 13.2.14

Pen, continuous line

A somewhat interesting session this one; in the main hall of the community centre where I hold the sessions was a line dancing group so our normally quiet and peaceful room was...less so. Some of the artists found this very difficult and disruptive which made for a frustrating session for them. Whilst it's not what I'd choose I find I can block most things out but I think it may be time to have a look at changing days or venue.

We had another new model this evening and as it was his first time modelling I had to think a bit more about the poses so I could give him directions for how to pose. This was good as it made me consider things a bit more; I know which poses I like to draw best and giving the model a bit more direction than usual helped me think more about composition and what it is I like about certain poses (mostly twisty and crouched with hands and feet in interesting positions.)

Hands, drawn without looking at the page

I drew exclusively with pens this evening, I was less settled than usual and didn't feel I had the concentration span to work with graphite. I'm really pleased with some of my drawings though, I am getting back into the rhythm of drawing and enjoying it more. Proportion is still a challenge for me, partly because I often work across multiple sheets of paper and cannot always see the rest of my drawing.

Permanent marker

3 ballpoint pens held together

3 Ballpoint pens held together

As well as my usual pens I used a permanent marker this evening which gave a different quality of line that I really like; I would like to work on really big sheets of paper with these pens next time. I also tried the three pens at once again but this time I did not tape them together, which worked much better and has created some interesting drawings. As with the permanent markers I would like to use this technique on really big paper.


Feet, drawn without looking at page

Hands, continuous line

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