Saturday, 1 February 2014

Life Drawing 30.1.14

Continuous line, pen. 

Time is a very strange thing, Life Drawing Thursdays seem to come around ever so quickly and yet I often feel that two weeks is a long time between sessions. I'm not sure I could manage running the sessions weekly yet somehow every other week isn't quite right either. Maybe we should have a 10 day week (with a 4 day weekend of course) instead of a 7 day week?

Continuous line, pen

Continuous line, pen

Anyway, the second session in this block was another enjoyable session. I still feel quite rusty and out of practice but less so than last session. We had a new model who gave us some excellent poses and a new artist as well, which is great as hopefully word is spreading. It would probably spread faster if I got better at advertising but you can't do everything well!

Ballpoint pen, continuous line

Pen on prepared paper

Pen, drawn without looking at paper

I especially enjoyed my pen drawings this session. I find continuous line drawing with a decent pen is a truly satisfying experience, the feel of the pen across the paper and the smooth, sweeping movements is very rewarding. I also like the aesthetic of continuous line drawings which helps and the challenge of describing form with line.

Water soluble graphite on prepared paper, the proportions are wrong but
there are some nice effects

Detail of drawing above

As discussed last session I tried working with 3 ballpoint pens taped together. It was quite hard as it is difficult to keep all 3 pens on the page at one time but it is quite a fun way of drawing, although the results have a tendency to make me feel slightly sea-sick! I think this has potential though and I will have a practice at making it work.

Drawing with three pens at once

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