Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Flock at Woolfest

I was very excited at the weekend because I made it to Woolfest! I've missed it the past couple of years for various reasons but managed to get there on Saturday and I had a really good time. Having had a stressful few weeks it felt really good to do something I wanted to do and that wasn't really connected to work. I spent lots of my shiny pennies on various fibres and threads and am looking forward to having a play with them.

Detail of FLOCK

More Sheep!

Also at Woolfest I saw FLOCK again. This is a project I'd taken part in with my Heathlands textile group and when we went to visit Farfield Mill a few weeks ago we saw it installed there and one of the members spotted their sheep (quite impressive as there are now over 5000 sheep!) We'd also seen part of the flock at Rheghed, not that we're following it round! I really liked the way they'd installed it in one of the livestock pens at Woolfest and I was very excited to spot my sheep!

My Sheep!

Curious sheep

Part of the Flock at Farfield Mill

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