Sunday, 17 June 2012

Life Drawing 14th June 2012

Red sketch

Thursday's Life Drawing session was another really good one. We hadn't seen our model for this session for quite a while so it was great to see him again and have a catch up. I had a lot of foreshortening to contend with but I think that it lead to some interesting drawings. I'm teaching a life drawing class for Carlisle and Border Art Society on Monday so I was thinking a lot about what I was going to cover in the session with them which had a big influence on my drawing. I was trying to think about portraying the body as something living, with life and movement rather than just as an object to be captured on the page. This obviously suits my somewhat loose and chaotic style of drawing and for this session I developed something I'd touched on previously-using colour to add a bit more life to the drawings. Overall I was really pleased with my drawings this evening and am looking forward to using a bit more colour in future sessions.

BIG drawing
I managed to cause our model much amusement with this drawing. I was working on a sheet of A1 (I usually work on A2) so the paper was already huge and I said at the start of the 40 minute pose I was going to try and stay on one sheet. After a measly 5 minutes I'd moved on to a second A1 sheet and then had to scurry to the other side of the room to get more A2 paper as I'd run out! However, I think the finished drawing has a feel of being quite monumental and imposing, which the pose was from where I was sat.

Hands and feet

Layered sketches
The drawing on the right (image above) is an outline sketch I did without looking at the page, I really like the free flowing feel of it.

Two heads
I wasn't happy with the first version so I drew a second.

Layered continuous line sketches

Continuous Line


Foot detail

More continuous line

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