Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Rockcliffe Banner

Some of the students I was working with. This picture was in the News and Star

After much stress and stitching I finally got the rings finished for the banner I've been making with Rockcliffe C of E Primary School. One of the teachers very kindly saved me much stress by putting the banner together for me ready for the torch parade through Carlisle. Whilst making the rings I realised that there is a very good reason why people don't make 3D banners; they're time consuming and don't hold their shape easily! However, the finished result was (I hope) worth all the effort.

Patches ready for stitching

Stitching the patches together

Ring made and drying off

I enjoyed working with the children and staff at the school so much and hope to work with them again. It was great working with enthusiastic people open to giving things a go and getting involved. After I'd worked with the children we did a 'parents evening' for parents and members of the community to come and see what the students had been up to and to have a go themselves. The patches resulting from this session were made into the red ring.

The rings laid out in my living room-this thing is huge!

Detail of the rings

Red ring

Red detail

Green detail (collagraphs)

Red detail (screen print)

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