Sunday, 3 June 2012


Two of the completed spheres
Later this month a torch connected with certain happenings in the capital is passing through Carlisle (not once but twice!) I've managed to get myself entangled, sorry involved, with three different groups taking part in the celebrations. On the day I'll be involved with a street theatre performance with Prism Arts, I'm making a banner with Rockcliffe C of E Primary School (more on both of these in other posts coming soon!) and the other group is my 'day job' The Heathlands Project. For the parade we're putting up a marquee so my colleague Helen Tuck and I have been busy making a covering and decorations for the marquee. I thought instead of Olympic rings I would make spheres using fabric so that if it rains they can just get wet and drip dry afterwards. They will also be re-usable for other events. They're really simple to make, just circles of fabric and a bit of stitching. Stiffer fabrics work better and it takes quite a bit of fabric so I've been scrabbling around trying to find as many pieces as possible in all the relevant colours!

Thinner fabrics bunch up

Stiffer fabrics hold their shape better



View from above

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