Thursday, 16 May 2013

Applique and Embroidery Workshop #3

Happy shiny stitching!

This morning was the third of my Applique and Embroidery workshops for Prism Arts No Borders programme. This time we were in the Library itself rather than the community room which was lovely and light and great for people watching!

The space before everyone arrived

Lovely piece picking out colours and making patterns

I had a great turn-out today including most of my textiles group from The Heathlands Project, there was lots of stitching and chatting which is as it should be. It was lovely to see everyone getting stuck in to the work and also having a good natter with people. There was some lovely work produced and I'm getting really excited about putting everything together to make the final installation.

Reverse applique with lace

Adding buttons

More shiny things!

A lovely lady who was in Carlisle for the day came and joined in the workshop. She used to work as an artist but had stopped due to a chronic condition, at the end of the session she said she felt inspired to have a go at some textiles work and make art again. It was one of those 'this is why I do it' moments for me; I was so pleased I could help someone by sharing my skills and passion for something I love. The lady said she had been feeling very negative and down recently but that taking part in the workshop had re-ignited her enthusiasm and made her feel much better. That, for me, shows just how powerful the arts are and how important they are on a personal level.

Beautiful detached buttonhole stitch piece

Applique with lace

Animal applique

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