Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Tote Bags

Purple trees tote

This week I have been mostly making tote bags. Way back in March I went to Bombay Stores in Bradford with some of the Prism Arts artists to stock up on fabrics and shiny things for various Prism Arts projects. I also got a few bits for myself (well, it would have been rude not to) and have been itching to use them for ages but have been so busy I haven't had chance. Anyway, I decided I would make some tote bags because they're useful, easy to make and I really wanted to play with my new fabric!

Lining detail

Pocket detail

The first bag I made is the most complicated, it has pockets and is not only lined but I also used interfacing so it's pretty tough. I love the prints on these fabrics and I'm really pleased with how this bag worked out. All the fabrics I got from Bombay Stores were salwar kameez suit packs; you get three lengths of coordinating fabrics (one for the tunic, one for the trousers and one for the scarf) so they're a great deal.

Blues and Greens

Greens and Blues

The second two bags are much simpler because I made them as samples for an upcoming workshop. On 22nd June I will be running a Tote Bag workshop as part of the Creative Wellbeing programme currently running at YMCA Shaddongate in Carlisle. We will be using recycled fabrics to create and embellish tote bags. The workshops are free and open to anyone. You can find out more details on their website. Again, I used salwar kameez fabrics as handily they come ready coordinated!

Lining detail

Lining detail

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