Saturday, 11 May 2013

Life Drawing 9.5.13

Hand study, pen

To describe this session as quiet would at once be a truth and a lie. In terms of attendance it was almost silent; just myself, the model and one other but in terms of noise it was by far the loudest session I've ever run because in the main hall there was a drum workshop. Because of these things and a tiring day the dynamics of the session were quite different to usual and I found it difficult to concentrate and get into the drawing zone.

Continuous line

I can't claim to be happy with any of my drawings from this session; I used just about all the different media I had with me but nothing seemed to be working. Usually I can get into a drawing session once I get started but on this occasion I just couldn't. It is interesting how much one's state of mind affects drawing as normally I have no problem working in a noisy environment and our model, as ever, gave some great poses so I can't blame anyone but myself!

Continuous line

I did try super-size drawing though which was fun and I would like to try again when I'm more in the mood for it. I pinned 3 A1 sheets of paper to the wall and still didn't manage to stay on the page. It was awkward because I had my back to the model so had to keep twisting round which was uncomfortable and made getting the pose right very difficult, especially as it was quite an unusual pose. The proportions of the drawing aren't right and I'm not happy with the drawing but it is something I would like to explore further and find a way of making it work.

Huge drawing, mixed media

Next Thursday (16th May) I will be at Tullie House as part of the art gallery takeover. I'll be running creative life drawing sessions so if you're in the area come and check it out, it should be a lot of fun!

Pens on prepared paper


  1. Yes, it was distracting being next door to the drum workshop! When I'm modelling, my preference is for either almost silence or (quiet) classical music, although I don't really mind if the artists choose some other background music or even chat. But the drums were a bit too much for my liking.

    I'm often asked what I am think of during a pose. Firstly, I am concentrating on holding the pose as accurately as I can, which means frequently checking nothing has moved (limbs, head ) and that twists and bends have not drifted. Then I'm counting down the time remaining. And finally I'm thinking of the next pose. The drumming made it difficult to concentrate on all three, and I struggled with the timing (although Helen was an excellent time keeper as always) and I gave no thought to what my next pose could be. And I found myself launching into poses without giving enough thought to what I was attempting, so some of my poses were poor. Sorry about that :(

    1. Nothing to apologise for, as always your poses were excellent! It was distracting with the drumming, I like to work with music and I like quite loud and heavy music but I often find I get so involved in what I'm doing that the CD is long finished and I've been working silently for some time! However, there was no chance of zoning the drums out but they did sound good!