Saturday, 18 May 2013

Art Gallery Take Over at Tullie House

Fancy Dress Life Drawing

On Thursday evening I ran a fancy dress life drawing session in the art gallery at Tullie House as part of their art gallery takeover for the Museums at Night project. It was such a fun evening; there was a great DJ, a big Minecraft project and other cool activities. The atmosphere was really good, energetic and fun with lots going on (and cocktails!) For my activity Tullie House had got hold of some great costumes, wigs and hats and so I encouraged people to get dressed up and then other people to draw them.

Some of the costumes

Set up and ready for people to start drawing

I was quite nervous beforehand as I wasn't sure whether people would want to get dressed up and draw each other but I need not have worried. People were happy to get stuck in, dressing up in some great costumes, wigs and hats and posing so that other people could draw. It was fun and I liked that people were willing to have a laugh and not take it too seriously!

The admiral jacket was a popular choice!

Because it was a bit different to my usual calm, quiet life drawing sessions I'd taken along lots of marker pens and highlighter pens for people to draw with because I thought they fitted the fun and funky nature of the event better. It was great to see people getting really into the drawing and some fantastic work was produced. Over the course of the evening I stuck the work up on the gallery walls which was great with all the disco lights and at the end of the evening we had a great collection of work.

A few of the drawings

I was very flattered that a couple of people asked if they could have some of the drawings I'd done, it's always exciting when someone wants something you've created. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening; I talked to some great people, saw some beautiful drawings being created and soaked up the atmosphere. I hope Tullie House do more events like this!

The gallery at the end of the night

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