Friday, 31 May 2013

Life Drawing 30.5.13

30 minutes, water soluble graphite on prepared paper

Another quiet session (and no drums this week!) but I was very much looking forward to doing some drawing. For the past week I've been doing (almost) daily drawing which really helps, I can really tell the difference between when I've been drawing regularly or not much.

10 minutes, pen on painted paper

Water soluble graphite stick dipped in water

I'd also had chance to prepare some papers so I was looking forward to working on those. I was generally quite pleased with the work I produced in this session. As always there are plenty of areas for improvement but overall I think I ended up with a decent collection of drawings and I enjoyed using a range of media. Our model gave us lots of excellent poses, including some random fall poses. I love these poses as they are so interesting to draw, although often they look a bit like something violent has occurred!

Random fall, pen

Random fall, continuous line

I've been doing a lot of pen drawing recently, especially continuous line. I find I'm less worried and precious about my drawing using this technique and I quite like the construction like appearance of the finished drawings.

5 minutes, pen

30 seconds, pen

I enjoyed doing my big drawing (see first image) of the evening in water soluble graphite, I really like how the textures I put down on the paper have affected the drawing as well. I think the dribbles of water add to the atmosphere of the drawing.

Detail of large drawing

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