Saturday, 27 April 2013

Applique and Embroidery Workshops

Creative chaos!

Today was the second of my No Borders Applique and Embroidery workshops at Carlisle Library. It was a really lovely day; several people dropped in and made some work and there was a relaxed and happy atmosphere.

Pinning patches

Continuing work from the last workshop

It was great seeing the work start to come together today, there are some lovely pieces that I think will work very well together. The theme is 'inside out' and several people chose to do work inspired by gardens and nature which fits really nicely.

Relaxing and stitching

Stitching and chatting

We had some folks from Carlisle Youth Zone come down this morning and they produced some great work which was very well thought out and beautifully put together. One of the pieces was very carefully composed and symmetrical whereas the other piece is more about how many shiny things can be fitted into one piece of work! Both are beautiful and complement each other well.

Arranging 'Loving Plants'

Shiny things!

More shiny things

The work from these workshops as well as the others in the No Borders programme are going to be hung in the library in June. It's exciting seeing the work develop and it will be fascinating to see the work from all the different groups come together.

Stitching and beading

Stitch detail

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