Monday, 15 April 2013

No Borders Applique and Embroidery Workshop

Applique 'sandwich'
Saturday was my first No Borders Workshop at Carlisle Library. It was a small group but a nice atmosphere and some lovely work was produced, I'm really excited to see how the work develops.

Detail of applique 'sandwich' which consists of wool and cut fabric sandwiched between  a layer of purple fabric and a layer of sheer fabric.

Adding stitch

I'd taken a long quite a few samples to give people ideas about techniques and it was great how each person immediately latched onto something they liked and then took the technique and made it their own. It was really inspiring and I came away with a few ideas of my own too.

The gentleman who created this piece is blind so chose his materials by touch. His theme was  garden.

Blue fabrics on green background

Stitch detail

You can find out more about the No Borders workshops over at Prism Arts website.

Appliqued stars

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