Monday, 1 April 2013

Easter Antics

Owl woodblock

I've been having a nice rest over the bank holiday weekend as I was totally worn out (and I want to be rested for my holiday in just over a week!) However, that doesn't mean I've been sat on my elbows doing nothing. I've been working on finishing the James Rennie rag-rug, preparing lessons and workshops and doing a bit of printing and stitching.

Patterned woodblock

Patterned woodblock

The continental markets were in Carlisle this weekend and I got myself some lovely woodblocks. They look lovely in themselves and they make great prints, it's a win-win. I was just going to buy the two patterned blocks and a little elephant but having handed over my money I spotted the owl and decided I needed him!  Today I have been using him to print t-shirts (pictures to follow) and then I started experimenting with doing rubbings using fabric crayons. I didn't think it was going to work too well but I was pleasantly suprised; the colours are quite dull until you apply heat (from an iron) which makes them much more vibrant. I think these rubbings would look great with some added stitching.

Printing with the owl

Rubbings with fabric crayons

Rubbings on calico bag

The other side of the bag

I also made some cards using recycled paper. I made some basic origami shapes and then mounted them up on card to make greetings cards that are beautiful, green and simple.

Recycled newspaper and envelope card with bow

Recycled newspaper card

Recycled newspaper and envelope card

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