Saturday, 20 April 2013

Life Drawing 18.4.13

Pen, 5 minutes

We had a new model for this session which was great, its always good to change things up a bit. Our model gave us some really good poses with great attention to detail (things like pointing fingers really finish off a pose.)

This was a great pose but very difficult to get the angles right!

Pen on prepared paper

I was very tired and found that the detailed studies I wanted to do didn't work out very well, I struggled to get the shapes and angles correct but I was pleased with some of my pen sketches. Some of the drawings I was most pleased with were the sparser, pared down drawings. Sometimes what you don't draw is as important as what you do draw.

2 pens

I like the way the composition of this drawing came together

I got halfway through this sketch and decided to leave it as it was

Focusing on specific areas

Picking out details

A good pose but difficult to catch

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