Thursday, 11 April 2013

Holiday in Spring

Spring sunshine and snow

We've just come back from our spring holiday, although as you can see from the pictures the weather was not so spring like. We were staying in Stanhope and travelling pretty much anywhere from there involves going over hills, which were very beautiful but very chilly. I felt really sorry for all the birds up there, nothing to eat and nowhere to nest, hopefully things will warm up soon.

Beautiful views

Snow blindness

Some of the drifts were really deep!

We went to the Bowes Museum while we were over there. I was really inspired by their fashion and textile gallery and by an exhibition they had on by Diana Winkfield called Material Remains. The ideas and ways of working felt very relevant to my own practice and I felt very inspired to get drawing and making work again. I love my jobs but sometimes it can be frustrating not having time to do my own personal work.

Glad I'm not a grouse

So much snow!
We stopped in Alston on the way home and saw these plants growing in a wall. The lady who owned the wall said we could take some so we took a couple and have I planted them up. I think they're very beautiful and slightly weird!

Love the colours

Amazing forms

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