Tuesday 1 June 2010

Today I have been doing a workshop with some children supported by Carlisle Mencap as part of their Playscheme. We made cardboard automata using basic materials and lots of imagination. Here are some of the results!

Wednesday 19 May 2010

Some recent drawings

I'm developing a slight obsession with crows, I see a lot of them on my travels to and from work and I think they are very interesting birds. They are really quite beautiful and yet there is something a bit sinister about them as we tend to associate them with death and darkness. I find this interesting as in my own work I like to create things that are beautiful yet have a sinister undercurrent.

Art Exhibition at the Cathedral

In Carlisle Cathedral at the moment there is an exhibition of art by adults with learning disabilities. One of the pieces is a large collage based on the work of Gustav Klimt that I did with a group of Service Users in one of the day services. It is all their own work and they showed great commitment and enthusiasm throughout the project.

Sunday 14 February 2010

A couple of quick pics!

I now have a camera but still not quite got round to the regular posts thing. Never mind, here are a couple of images of things I've been up to this weekend. Two tops customised with applique, buttons and lace trim and a shirt and tie made into a bag (or a bhirt.)