Friday 26 July 2013

Life Drawing 25.7.13

Pen, continuous line

Last night was the first in this set of sessions and we had a new model. She was a little nervous I think but did a really good job, giving us some lovely poses. It was also nice to have a new model to draw as I find it makes me think more about my drawing and makes me want to try new things.

Pen, continuous line

Pen, continuous line

I was also pleased that a couple of new people came down to draw, as well as my faithful regular artists who always make an effort to come and support the group and are a big reason why I keep the group going.

Pen on prepared paper


I did a lot of quick line drawing this session, longer studies didn't seem to be working for me. For the longer pose I used water soluble graphite dipped in water and pencil but I struggled with the proportions and foreshortening of the pose.

Pencil, continuous line (30 min. pose)

Water-soluble graphite

I was really pleased with this little sketch that I did without looking at the paper. It's a very relaxing way to draw as you don't expect the drawing to be perfect so you are more able to appreciate its qualities. I was also pleased with the two 'crouchy' pose drawings.

'Blind' drawing

Pen, 5 minutes

Pencil, 10 minutes

Sunday 21 July 2013

Crafty goods

Hearts and Roses Brooch

I was meant to be at a Craft Fair yesterday but the organisers decided to cancel it because the past few events haven't been very busy and the other aspects of their business are really working out. So, I had an unexpectedly free day so I decided to re-stock my Folksy shop. I've not given it a lot of attention recently so this was the kick I needed to get a bit more organised. Hopefully, over the next few weeks I'll carry on listing more lovely things so please keep checking back. Also, I'm always happy to do commission and bespoke pieces. Please feel free to contact me for details.

Origami hair comb

Lace and Feather Fascinator

Polymer clay buttons

Owl tote bag

Melted plastic ear-rings

Melted plastic heart ear-rings

Felt and crochet brooch

Heart Watch Keyring

Melted Plastic Ear-rings

Wednesday 17 July 2013

Textile Workshops

Laying out fibres

I am currently running a series of textile workshops organised by Prism Arts for Cumbria Cerebral Palsy. Last week we did some felt making and this week we continued with felt making but looked at making 3D forms using a plastic resist. When we have made our felt we will look at different ways of embellishing it, such as using stitch, beads and maybe some printing.


More rolling

Lots of fluff!

I am really enjoying running these sessions. The guys are keen to learn and have some excellent ideas and are picking up the techniques really well. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished pieces and seeing where the work will lead us.

Finished felt piece from last week

Finished felt piece from last week

Finished felt piece from last week

Finished felt piece from last week

One of the group did not want to do felt making, she wanted to continue developing her embroidery skills that she had learnt from previous workshops. Last week she did a beautiful rose design which I printed up for her and this week she began stitching it. It's good to have people doing different things as it helps spark off new ideas and leads to a more diverse, creative feel to the sessions. For example, the colours this lady had chosen inspired one of the other group members to use a similar colour combination for his 3D felt piece.

Rose design in print and stitch

Sunday 14 July 2013

Cathching Up

Sheep Family Portrait

A busy week off (mostly off anyway) from work followed by a busy week back at work and a lack of blog posts! However, it's been quite nice to have a break as it's made me appreciate that actually I quite like writing my little blog . Some of the things I've been up to include making djembe drum straps for Multi Cultural Carlisle's Drum parade (which was excellent,) performing with Prism Arts Theatre Skills group at The Culture Bazaar and then running craft activities there, lovely days by the sea at Southerness and Allonby, a craft sale at Talkin Tarn with The Heathlands Project and the start of a series of workshops in Carlisle for people with Cerebral Palsy. As well as the usual work and life demands and a very sad event. So, to summarise and bringit all up to date here is a collection of pictures.

Lambs at Newcastleton

Sunshine after the rain


Blue skies and breezes at Southerness

Sweetheart Abbey

Sweetheart Abbey

Splashing around near Allonby

Moth with beautiful iridescent wings

Craft at Culture Bazaar

Multicultural Designs

Fabric pieces to be made into a banner 

Thursday 4 July 2013

George Howard Envelope Workshops #2

Mixed media collage

Last week I ran the second of my envelope workshops at William Howard School in Brampton. It was quite a different group to last time but once again they came up with some excellent ideas and made some lovely work. I'm really looking forward to seeing the work up in Tullie House for the George Howard exhibition in a couple of weeks.

Design inspired by Olympic stamp

Collage and pencil envelope

The workshop was inspired by George Howard's imaginative envelope designs that he created when writing to his children. It was interesting that to start of with this group chose to do their own variations on the designs I had done rather than coming up with their own ideas. However, as the day progressed and they became more confident they became more willing to try out different ideas.

Trying out 3D ideas

Experimenting with materials
There was a very large quantity of sequins used in this workshop, one group in particular were very keen on shiny things and it was amazing quite how much glue and quite how many sequins they could get onto one envelope! I like seeing how some of the students really respond to the different materials where as others are much happier with something they know, like colouring pencils. I think workshops like this are a great opportunity for students to try something different and experiment in a relaxed environment without fear of it being 'wrong.'

Imaginative fire design

Landscape Collage

Olympic inspired envelope progressing

Design inspired by 'lion' stamps