Saturday 23 July 2011


Magikal Forest Quilt. Made by the textiles group at The Heathlands Project

So, The Magikal Forest Quilt is complete and has been posted off ready to be exhibited in Birmingham. We did a presentation of the quilt in the morning meeting on Thursday and all the guys were really impressed with it and asking what we were going to do next year! It's been great watching the piece develop and everyone was impressed with how it's turned out and we're all excited about it going on display. I'm still seeing stitches when I close my eyes but it's been worth all the hard work.




Monday 18 July 2011

Let the Quiltage Commence!

Constructed quilt

Last Thursday we began the actual quilting of the quilt, so to speak. That is, I've sewn all the layers together and as a group we're machine quilting the piece. This is proving interesting as we don't have a quilting foot and it's quite a big piece to manoeuvre around on a small domestic machine. But, we shall overcome and it is really starting to take shape and look good.

Detail: Quilted Flower

Detail: Quilted Dog

Saturday 9 July 2011

Quilt-Yet more progress

Detail: Tigerpillar

Finally, the first layer of 'Magikal Forest' is complete. Everyone has sewn on their additions; a host of ladybirds, a pair of love birds, flowers, dogs and snails to name a few. All the members involved with the project have sewn at least one of their patches on and then due to time restraints I spent my Thursday evening sewing on the rest. I'm really excited about us making it up into a quilt now, it looks so good. We got lots of positive comments about it at the tea party yesterday (see previous post.)

Magikal Forest

Detail: Bumble Bee

Detail: Love Birds

Blooming Great Tea Party!

Some of the decorations on the wall

Embroidered bunting

Yesterday at The Heathlands Project we held a tea party to raise money for Marie Curie. It was great fun, we raised £371 and we didn't get rained upon! I'd spent the week making decorations with the guys and they looked great, we made bunting and big cut-outs of teapots and cups. We ran a little craft stall selling things the guys had made and that was really popular. Unfortunately, I was so busy on the day that I didn't have time to take pictures of the decorations once they were up but they looked fab.

Decorations cut out and being mounted


More decorations!

Monday 4 July 2011

Folksy Shop!

Button Brooch-Blue and Purple

I really enjoy making stuff, it's how I spend a lot of my free time. When I get stuck with my art I often turn to making to help me relax and work through different ideas. However, we only have a small house and it's starting to get a little bit full of my experiments so I decided to take action and see if anyone out there likes my stuff and would like it to adorn their space. So, I've just opened a Folksy shop (find it here to sell some of my creations.  It's also a really good excuse to carry on making things and experiment with more techniques and materials. These pictures show some of the things I've been making and put up for sale.

Heart Brooch-Multi coloured

Fimo candle holder

Saturday 2 July 2011

Magical Forest-Progress

Magical Forest

Once again, long time no post but here's a quick one to start off with. The Magical Forest Quilt being created by my textiles group up at The Heathlands Project is progressing well. We have begun attaching the various animals, fruits and flowers to it. I'm beginning to get mildly panicked now as the deadline looms ever closer, I can see a couple of late nights finishing it off coming on! Still, it's looking great and all the guys have worked really hard on it.

Detail-One of many magical creatures!