Sunday 27 March 2011

Stained Glass Owl #2

So, this is my second stained glass owl. I made him much simpler than the first one (learn from your mistakes!) and the combination of practice and a simpler design has led to a better finish I think. I'm really pleased with his eyes, which are glass nuggets held in place with wire. My course has just finished but I'm looking forward to carrying on and improving. I've almost finished my first leaded piece as well so I must crack on with that.

Magikal Arts and Badges

Yesterday up at The Heathlands Project ( we opened our Magikal Arts Exhibition. The exhibition is of work produced by the students who have just completed the Arts and Crafts OCN at Heathlands. It was a great day with a great turn out and the exhibition is fantastic. During the day I was busy helping everyone who visited to make badges, we had some great designs and ideas. These are the two that I made (I did the stitching on the bird one a few days ago!)