Sunday 16 January 2011

Stained glass owl

Last year I started a creative glass evening course at Trinity (Carlisle.) I really enjoyed it as it is quite different to anything else I've done. I've just finished the piece I was working on and although it is far from perfect I'm very happy with how it has turned out. It's done using the copper foil technique, as favoured by Tiffany, and is about 25 cm high. I'm looking forward to the course re-starting this week and having a go at leaded glass. In the mean time, I'm off to design my next copper foil project!

Saturday 8 January 2011

One more thing...

This week I finally completed a small 3D piece that I started in about May last year. I'd do a bit then he'd be forgotten or put to the side for a bit and so on until finally, he is complete. He's built from a paper and wire frame, papier maiche, paint and lace. He's sat on my bookshelf and I think he's lovely!

And there's more...

And here are some drawings from this week. These drawings are an exploration of the theme 'freedom' and in particular of breaking free. I was inspired by the idea of rising up from whatever is tying you down, spreading your wings and flying free. The birds seemed an apt, if obvious, way of visualising this and I also really like drawing them!

I'm really pleased with this last one and am currently developing it as a fabric piece in layers of silk organza with lots of stitch. I like the dark area at the bottom and the way the crow rises above it all, like leaving all your troubles behind and moving on.


So, its a new year and inevitably that starts with all the things that I'm going to improve on this year; being more organised, creating more artwork, actually taking pictures of my work, posting them online etc. It never pans out quite as I plan, however, every year I do get a little bit better so who knows, maybe this year I will actually start making use of this space!

To start things off here are some drawings from September last year, an expansion on the crow theme.