Sunday 30 September 2012

Published Pattern

My pattern in print!
I've been keeping (fairly) quiet about this but I'm very excited to announce that I've just had my first pattern published. You can find it in this month's Inside Crochet (issue 34.) The pattern is for a pair of earrings made from crocheted and melted plastic bags, as you know I do love to crochet and melt plastic. I sent the pattern off in April and was so excited to have it accepted and it was really interesting to find out what goes on and what you have to do to get your pattern published. So, finally, here it is!

Issue 34

My project is mentioned in the editors letter

My picture of the earrings

Detail of the earring

Friday 28 September 2012

Re-Merchandise at Masseuse Smooth

New items, new display

I went to Masseuse Smooth in Penrith earlier this week to change over some of my stock there after BOB. Instead of the cushions I've taken some smaller items which will hopefully sell a bit better ( and take up less shelf space!)

Brooches, purses and keyrings

Owls and 'phone cases

Wednesday 26 September 2012

Fabric Pom-Poms

Pom-pom making
Today I have been making fabric pom-poms with the No Borders art group (the guys are from Carlton Day Service and the group is run by Prism Arts.) Over the past few weeks we have done some weaving and some tie-dye. I thought something a bit more sculptural might be fun so that's what we did!
The pom-pom I made as an example

Pom pom detail

Pom-pom making using fabric

Using wool and fabric

Fabric and lace, all in warm colours
The guys really enjoyed the pom-pom making; I've never known them be so quiet! Everyone was deep in concentration and did really well, I think these pom-poms are going to look great when they're finished.

Tie-dye from last week




Monday 24 September 2012

Pictures from BOB

 My Lovely Owls at BOB
I had a lovely time down in Bakewell for BOB this weekend. Not really a financially successful venture but I met lots of lovely crafty folk, especially Red Apple Tree Crafts who I was next to. Very well done to Hannah Greatorex for organising it all, it was a lovely atmosphere and great to see so many unique ideas in one place.

I would put more pictures up but picassa is being silly. Grr!

More owls, penguins and others!


Hot water bottle covers-cosy!

Details of hot water bottle covers

Friday 21 September 2012

Life Drawing 20th September 2012

Quick brush and ink sketch
Another quiet but successful session last night. Our model Martin had some excellent poses for us. I was struggling with getting the proportions right last night and there were a lot of my drawings that I was not at all happy with. However, there are a few that aren't so bad. I tried to be a bit more controlled and less scribbly this week, not sure how well that worked for me! Foe next session I think I'm going to prepare some papers to work on to add a bit more textural interest to my drawings. I might also do a really super-huge one, especially if it's a quiet session.

Pen, 2 minutes

Pen 2 minutes

Pen, 2 minutes

Pen, 3 minutes

Pen, 5 minutes

Pen, 2 minutes

Ink, 15 minutes

Ink, 10 minutes

Monday 17 September 2012


Watch Key-rings. Hand stitched felt and fabric.

Coming up this weekend is BOB, the underground craft festival down in Bakewell. I am now entering full panic mode getting everything organised/made/packed and so on. One of the little things I've been making is watch key-rings. I made some for my summer craft fairs and they all sold so I bought some more watch faces and have made some more. I'm not sure I like these watch faces as much as the previous lot but we shall see how they go. They are all different, all hand stitched and I think they'd make really sweet little presents.

Stitch detail



Flyer for BOB (the buttons are mine!)

Wednesday 12 September 2012

Craft Fair Jumper

The finished jumper

I've done a few craft shows this summer and most of them have been pretty quiet. The plus side of this is that I've got a lot of knitting done. For example, this jumper was knitted entirely at the craft shows I've done since May. I've just finished sewing it up today as I had a spare half hour (well, I should have been invoicing but that's dull!) It's a lovely variegated wool/acrylic mix called Riot and it's made by King Cole yarns (not the merry old soul.) The pattern is from Debbie Stoller's Stitch'n'Bitch, probably my favourite knitting book.

Bell sleeve detail

If I were to use this yarn again I would probably knit the jumper in the round as the bright pink stripes are in different places on each piece. This doesn't actually bother me too much but with a bit of forward planning all the stripes could match up. I've used this pattern a few times over the past 8 years and each jumper I've made I've worn literally until it fell apart so I think I'll get plenty of wear out of this one!

Inside sleeve

Colour detail

Sunday 9 September 2012

Bus shaped thank you

Embroidered felt Bus keyring
We spent the last week of August staying with my uncle in Ayrshire. We had a lovely break, it's a beautiful part of the world and my uncle is a most excellent host. He is also a top bod at stagecoach and what you might call slightly obsessed with buses. So, as a thank you I made him a little felt keyring of a stagecoach bus.

With smiley driver


Friday 7 September 2012

Life Drawing 6th September 2012

Brush and ink. 10 minute drawing, 45 minute pose
I really enjoyed the first session back after the summer last night. It was really nice to see everyone again and  although I was a bit worried about how my drawing would be as I've not done much over the summer I was really pleased with some of the work I produced last night.

First drawing of the evening! 2 minutes, red pen.

As well as my usual pen drawings I took some drawing ink last night as I always mean to be more organised and take different media but I never quite get round to it! It was great working in a different media and I'm happy with the drawings I made and will I think do some more work in this way. As I like working in a free, expressive way the ink suits my style well, as I think the splashes and running adds to rather than detracts from the drawing. I like the rhythm of the repeating curves in the first ink drawing (see top of post.)

4 sheet drawing, blue pen. 10 minutes


White wax crayon, ink and water. 

If you are interested in attending any of the sessions feel free to get in touch! I have also taught a life drawing session for Carlisle and Border Arts Society so if your group is looking for a tutor for a one off or series of sessions let me know!

5 minute pose, green pen

Same pose as above but very quick drawing

Last drawing of the evening. Green pen, 1 minute

Continuous line drawing of 45 minute pose. Black pen, 5 minutes.