Thursday 31 May 2012

The Mystery Project

The finished piece

The final project in the Art House Co-op's 10x10 series is the Mystery Project. You get sent a theme and a marker and have to make a piece of art and leave it somewhere for a stranger to find. My theme was 'The Future of the Year' and I really struggled to think of something. So, I left it to the last minute! Last night I thought I really should do something as the deadline is today so I thought about what a good future would be like; recycled and handmade, obviously! I decided my signature style of crocheting and melting plastic bags would be good so I made a pretty flower with a chain so that whoever finds it and takes it home can hang it up. A little card explaining what the piece is and it was ready to go.

In my window



Crocheted plastic bag flower

The whole thing

Detail of card

Monday 28 May 2012

Birthday Printing

Packaged envelopes

My partner and I have just spent a lovely weekend in Manchester with his sister and mother celebrating said mother's birthday. We enjoyed the sun, became revolutionaries at the People's History Museum and had a fantastic meal at Greens in Didsbury. It was very strange for me as I used to live in Manchester but have not been back for a couple of years, it was mostly the same with a few differences. I was very ready to come back to sunny Carlisle by yesterday evening as it's so manic in the city. I had a great weekend but I love living up in Cumbria.

Anyway, I digress. The point of this post is to tell you about what I made for partner's mother as a present. Which is a personalised stationary set. We wanted to get her something she'd use but that wouldn't take up too much room as she has recently downsized. So, I thought as she is a very friendly and sociable person a writing set would be a nice gift. I also knew that she liked Rennie Macintosh's work so I carved two stamps from lino and used them to decorate some writing paper and some envelopes. I also made some little note cards and then tied it all with pretty ribbons. I think she was pleased with the set and I think it's a really nice gift idea I will use again.

Work in Progress

The lino stamps

Rejects and tests

Assorted printed bits

Envelope detail

Envelope detail

Paper detail

The finished set


All packaged up

Writing paper


Friday 25 May 2012

Life Drawing 17th May 2012

Pen drawing. I was really pleased with this drawing. There was another piece but I think it looks better with just this section.
Last week's life drawing session was a really good one. I had a couple of new people which was great and I really enjoyed the session. Martin was our model and came, as always, well prepared and with some excellent poses.

Warm down pose, pen

Quick sketch during a 15 minute pose

Overlapping sketches-a bit weird!

Quick charcoal sketch

Part of a larger drawing that works better on it's own

The larger drawing

All images © Helen Walsh

Sunday 20 May 2012

Appleby Craft Fair

A selection of crafts

I did my first Craft Fair of the year yesterday at Appleby Public Hall, organised by Masseuse Smooth of Penrith. I did one there last November which was really good and yesterday I had the same spot, right at the entrance which was great. It was pretty quiet yesterday and none of us took a lot of money but it was good to see the other crafters and compare notes and have a catch up. I think next time I may put less stuff out as I think my table is looking a little bit crowded, but I'd rather it was that way than not have enough stuff! Anyways, here are some pictures!

Owl Doorstop

Owl Family

Suffolk Puff and origami hair combs

Cards, purses and gadget cases



All images © Helen Walsh 2012

Friday 18 May 2012

New Cushions

Three Cushions, applique and hand stitch

Well, no posts for a while because I've been a very busy bee with one thing and another. Anyway, I'm off to do a craft fair in Appleby tomorrow (10-4, in the market hall just by tourist information if you're around!) and have just made these cushions which I'm really rather pleased with. I appliqu├ęd lace and organza onto cushion covers with bondaweb and then added handstitch details to finish them off. I think the smaller bird works better than the bigger ones but I'm pleased with both designs. They definitely have potential!